Saturday, September 29, 2018

on these walls

~after “On Gay Wallpaper” (Williams)*

not gay wallpaper but sickly
yellow paint once finger painted
with whorls of raspberry jelly

and on bare hanging wires
not the thread of heaven
but dusty bulbs casting dim shadows

after so much daily routine
a red carpet runner indelibly wrinkled
with worn directional living

what does it say that entryways
once furred with winter jackets
are now rows of empty brass teeth

that on windows lonely rivulets rain
with no faces pressed to the cold pane
praying to any childhood god for the sun

and on these walls not gay but gilt
faint traces whispering here too was life
we, the unremembered, we too have lived

* i n s p i r e d b y W i l l i a m C a r l o s W i l l i a m s