Saturday, October 13, 2018

30 day ambulatory cardiac telemetry

30 day ambulatory cardiac telemetry

scheduled for a month of walking around
and transmitting my heart’s intentions
to the man in charge 
of such things

the man who can explain the inexplicable
of what a heart wants and needs

my heart skipping beats even when
she's not around

the normal lumbering rhythm
now a day to day uncertainty

unmasked by sticky suckers like truth
on a chest of growing crop circles

some kind of tribute or retribution
for having lived or continuing to live

the itchy peeling skin saying it’s time
to start following directions

white wire below your right clavicle
green on your left sided gut
red button tip just below your left nipple
while black is always under the armpit

don’t ask how it works, who chose the color placement
or if it was political

only know the white torso outlined in black
with the beating red heart - is you

except in the shower where singing is allowed
the wires undone

how quickly we become inured to that half-
octopus medicine under our shirts - invisibly,
unconsciously under our skin
the electricity of us passing
side to side ricocheting throughout our bodies
slowly, so slowly losing momentum
with every beat

the wires at the end of a 30 day countdown
emerging and dropping away like grace
the only thing helping us to understand

originally published by Golden Walkman Magazine